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Shirdi is a small village in Kopargam taluk, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra State, India. It is located approximately 296 km from Mumbai, capital of Maharashtra. It is called the Land of Sai. The nearest and highly connected city from Shirdi is Ahmednagar; Since March 2009 'Sainagar Shirdi' railways station has become operational.

Sai Baba

Long time ago, at the start of eighteenth century (1838) a young bearded man (Shirdi Sai baba) with sparkling eyes took shelter mosque, in Shirdi Village (of Maharshtra State, In India). No one knew from where this stranger had who hardly spoke a word and stayed there.

Slowly the villagers started giving food to the man. He shared his food often with the animals. Soon the young fakir started expressing his views with few elderly villagers. His simple language and his power of solving the problems of poor and needy made him, known as Shri Sai Baba. Soon, devotees started streaming into Shirdi. The village was fast becoming a centre of pilgrimage. As gifts and presentations came in, the pomp and ceremony of Sai worship were evolving. Sai Baba would distribute all among the needy and the poor. Sai Baba's life remained peaceful, without interruption, unchanged and therein is the saint's Spiritual glory.

People realised that "Baba" was a person with astonishing powers. Baba preached his principle of love and faith in humanity to all. He always felt anguished that people came to him for their own personal problems and not for the ultimate goal of reaching God which he felt could be attained only by true servicing of humanity.

Sai baba strongly believed in uniformity of religion and he never distinguished anyone on the basis of caste, creed or religion. He never let anyone return empty handed. He performed miracles to alleviate the suffering of deprived people. Once he restored the eyes of a blind old person and in another occasion he lighted a lantern with water when there was no oil to burn it.

As all good things have to end ultimately "Baba" also left his body on 15th October 1918, leaving his millions of followers crying. His body was rested in a Samadhi Mandir called "Booty", which he had asked his disciple to built before his death.

Sai Baba lived his message through the Essence of his Being. His relationship with the common man and his own life was his teaching. The great Energy that was evident in his body was moving and is still moving in a inexplicable way, generating and regenerating itself everywhere, beyond the knowledge of instance and space. Yet, he lived with ordinary human being as a impoverished fakir, sporting a worn out kafni, lying over a mat while resting his head on a brick. He radiated a mysterious smile and a profound look, of an amity that is beyond all awareness. He was always aware of what transpired within the hearts and minds of everyone. This Omnipresent and Omniscient Sri Sai Baba who left his earthly body in 1918, is the vivacious holy energy that is pulling people from all walks of life, from everywhere, into his fold, today. Sri Sai Baba lived and conducted as a "Divinity on our land".

Wherever his believer is, Baba ensures that he recognizes his highest ambition. His conduct and the attitude to fellow beings is touched with the awareness of love, understanding, patience and faith. Sri Sai Baba was beyond the limitations of Time and Space. Caste, creed, and doctrines were fundamentally not so important to him. Nobody knew his origin, where he came from or which religion he belonged. He claimed no belongings nor acknowledged any disciples or gave any explicit philosophy.

This anonymity lent a strange facet to his interaction with the people who came to him for guidance.
  • To the Hindus he was a Brahmin. He resided in a mosque but always called it as "Dwarkamay!" (Lord Krishna's birth place is Dwaraka).
  • To the Muslims he was a fakir living in a mosque, saying "Allah Malik", guiding Muslim seekers along the lines of their own religion.
  • To the Parsis he was the sacred rire worshipper.
  • His existence was a live demonstration of the Sermon of the Christ and of the Eight-fold path of the Buddha.
Sai Baba was a perfect model of the accordance of all religions. Sai Baba lived to arise and lead us to spiritual life. All of his activities were aimed at the betterment of human race. By first bestowing temporal benefits, he attracted countless souls and opened their eyes to the true meaning of life. Sai Baba's miracles were needed to build faith and to make us ethically and spiritually grow. He continued his glorious work until the end of his human embodiment in Shirdi.

There is large number of Instances where Sai Baba appeared in front of his devotees, even after his passing out of the mortal body. Sai Baba is proving that he is alive in spirit and responds to our prayers. Sai Baba lifts all of those who want a life of inner development to a higher level. People get benefited in accordance with their inner yearning. Baba assured his devotees, "I am everywhere. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I am always aware of everything". Sai Baba belongs to the whole of mankind, on the path of honesty, passion and insight.
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